Active Matter™ Aviation was created with virtual training in mind. It can be populated with modules designed to meet your training needs. Whether you’re looking for technical training or guidance on installing specific elements, Active Matter™ Aviation can flex to your lesson requirements.

Challenges in Aviation

Ground Crew Shortages
Severe European shortages led to capacity limits at London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol.

Fewer Workers
24–27% shortage of Aircraft Maintenance workers by 2027.

High Turnover
Average turnover in the MRO industry is 18–20%

Ageing Workforce
30% of aviation maintenance training program graduates leave for other professions.

High Cost
Hands-on practice is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes ineffective.

Skill Assessment Difficulty
Skill assessments of staff are subjective and costly.

Unrealistic Training
Real-life scenarios cannot be simulated safely.

Active Matter Aviation Solutions

Aviation training in VR

Active Matter™ Aviation puts trainees in realistic aviation environments and scenarios. Digital twins offer real-time monitoring, data-driven decisions, and efficient resource allocation.

Students can practise cockpit operations, maintenance procedures, electrical systems and seat belt installation, with more modules in development.

AI improves accessibility and communication, plus:

  • Adaptive scenarios
  • Personalised training paths
  • Real-time guidance
  • Trainee data
  • Performance insights
  • Improvement areas
  • Consistent training quality
  • Virtual blended with real-world equipment for maintenance training
  • Remote collaboration and language translation

General Familiarisation Training

General Familiarisation curricula will be added to Active Matter™ Aviation to improve training and cost-efficiency.

Using the Boeing 737 GenFam manual, Active Matter™ Aviation's Data Sciences team has trained an LLM AI Chatbot to answer trainee questions with relevant citations.

Our AI tool includes a security layer that evaluates answers for correctness, completeness, conciseness, and relevance to protect organisations and individuals.

This API can be combined with our MR and VR applications for further assistance within Active Matter™ Aviation and on-the-job guidance in MR.

On-the-job Guidance in Mixed Reality

Our platform revolutionises on-the-job instructional content delivery. Integrating Mixed Reality (MR) technology, employees can view instructional video content in MR glasses while performing tasks.

This innovative approach offers several key benefits:

Enhanced On-the-Job Training
Step-by-step video instructions reduce the need for paper manuals or additional trainers, for real-time learning and correct task performance.

Continuity from VR to Reality
After initial training in VR, our platform seamlessly transitions to the real world. This ensures VR skills are immediately applied in practical situations.

Immersive 3D Models
Our highly detailed 3D models let employees interact with complex systems and equipment virtually for better information retention. Users can visualise tasks with real-time guidance and haptic feedback for fully immersive learning.

Interactive Manuals
Users can access manuals on their devices, providing instant access to information.

Content can be customised to match specific equipment and procedures, offering tailored guidance aligned with job roles.

AI for Aircraft Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Active Matter™ Aviation's Data Sciences team is developing an advanced, ethical, secure, and responsible AI tool, tailored to Aircraft Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

This tool provides extensive on-the-job support and empowers engineers with a range of capabilities that streamline maintenance solutions. The result is significant cost and lead-time savings using Computer Vision.

Automated Guidance
Engineers get real-time guidance from the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), with precise instructions for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Comprehensive Inspection
The AI tool enables engineers to inspect aircraft parts efficiently, with insights on replacement requirements, stock levels, and comprehensive task logging.

Resource Optimization
By cross-referencing applicable AMM references, the AI identifies tool and material requirements, and streamlines workflows to enhance efficiency.